Dedicated to producing superior films made in the Sunshine State.

Although the state of Florida ended filmmaking incentives — causing it to drop from the nation’s third top filming location to below the top 20 — it hasn’t stopped our team from believing the Sunshine State can be home to a great platform for investment in commercial filmmaking.

About Us

A serious business. Glamor included.

Florida Film Ventures is dedicated to commercial filmmaking – espcially thouse made on Florida ground. Scripts are acquired or already owned, the distribution will be through national and international box office sales, cable, online streaming and DVD/BluRay. Also, co-productions of Florida-based TV series or documentaries for networks like HBO, NBC or Netflix is part of FFV's scope.

We are Florida's #1 independent film producing boutique!

Welcome Message

on behalf of the Group Advisory Board of Florida Film Ventures, LLC

Dear Fellow Supporters,
Movies are a major industry. But, unfortunately, no longer in Florida. Hence, we need to bring film production back to Florida. That's why a diverse group of entrepreneurs, business owners and movie veterans joined together to establish an independent film production company for projects which will be produced on Florida ground. This creates jobs, benefits local businesses, features our State's unique landscape, the people and our heritage.

  Martin Raab, CAIA
  Member of the Advisory Board


Hollywood expats and high caliber minds.

The Executives of 5th Avuenue Films, our dedicated partner company, include:

Curry Walls, President | Naples/Los Angeles
Curry is a well-known Hollywood expat ("one of the pioneers of celebrity infomercials"), bringing over 40 years in the entertainment industry.

John E. Oxendine, Vice President | Boca Raton

John is chairman, president, and CEO of Blackstar LLC and has been an entrepreneur, operator and successful investor in the communications industry for over 30 years.

Robert Abramoff, Corporate Counsel | Los Angeles

Robert serves as in-house production legal counsel and is a partner at the law firm Burgee & Abramoff. Since becoming an attorney in 1989, Mr. Abramoff has served as a production lawyer for over 40 motion pictures and 30 television specials.

Lance Julian, Marine Coordinator/Producer | Naples

Lance is a New Zealand born, well regarded worldwide maritime expert. Lance was martimie film coordinator of movies including "Titanic", "U-571", "HBO's The Pacific".

Mel Maron , Head of Distribution | Boca Raton

Mel is President and Owner of JGM Enterprises Inc., and started his career as an office boy at MGM before rising to become the Road Show Sales Manager, where he steered distribution of films including Ben-Hur, King of Kings, How the West Was Won.

Richard Rothschild , Unit Production Manager/Producer | Los Angeles

Richard has worked in several production capacities with such directors as Bruce Beresford (Tender Mercies, Crimes Of The Heart), Christopher Guest (The Big Picture), Peter Weir (The Truman Show) Joe Johnston (Hidalgo), and Robert Zemeckis (Used Cars), among others.

Our Group Advisory Board includes:

Steve Page, Speedboat Consultant/Producer | Naples, • Stephen R. Wheeler, Strategic Relations | Naples, • Charles Sununu, Advisor | Naples, • George Ahearn, Management Consultant | Naples, • Catherine Haworth, Operations Manager | Naples, • Amber McCandless, Producer| Los Angeles/San Francisco • Martin Raab, International Relations | Zurich/Naples, • Sienna McCandless, Writer/Advisor | Los Angeles • Charles Sununu, Advisor | Boca Raton



Local screenplays.
Global distribution.

For high-net-worth investors, it's not a question of if you should invest into alternative investments. Rather, it's "which alternative investment asset type" will work best for your particular situation. Also, adding high-yielding satellites to your portfolio could enhance the overall performace. An investment into motion-picutre royalties could be an interesting "additive" to your existing portfolio.

First Funding Target: 5th Avenue Films

One of our funding target is 5th Avenue Films in Naples. Its CEO, Curry Walls, made his mark in Hollywood as one the entertainment capital's most sought-after agents and experts on studios and stars. His company, 5th Avenue Films, owns seven completed film scripts that are ready for production.

Interested investors find some downloadable information here:

leftCompany Presentation | 5th Avenue Films | PDF-file

Movie Previews| 5th Avenue Film's Excting Trilogy | PDF-file

Research Report | Small Budgets Can Mean Big Returns | PDF-file

Presentation | Meet the Teams | PDF-file

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